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What does ACTS OF REPARATION have to do with you?

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This film is inspired by reparations projects emerging in communities around the country. It is our hope that ACTS OF REPARATION will move those already doing the work of repair to learn about the engagement of others, and motivate those new to the work to get involved.

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Will provide a variety of tools, pathways and practices to make it easy for Black Americans to recover, preserve and share their family histories —  inspired by the stories and story reclamation work we witness in the film.

This initiative will invite Black community members to build relationships with local Black history museums and societies, news outlets, social clubs, churches, libraries and schools, so that personal narratives and archives are amplified and preserved for generations to come.

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Will invite white people to join in small groups to story-tell, support, challenge and take action toward local and national reparations initiatives, inspired by the stories they encounter in the film.


Guided by a counsel of Black and indigenous organizers, this initiative is intended to grow the numbers of white people committed to the work of healing historic injury and to provide companionship and accountability for individuals who want to deepen their commitment to action towards reparations. 



Will highlight and direct financial resources to Black-woman led projects and organizations that support Black communities in: researching and memorializing their family stories; preserving and sharing ​communal and ancestral stories; and telling their own stories — of Black histor​ies (past), of Black lives today (present), and of Black people in the future (Afrofuturist storytelling). 



We are partnering with organizations focused on issues of race, equity and reparation, along with leading engagement shops, to amplify our impact campaign, including:


  • Active Voice

  • The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture

  • Coming to the Table

  • Jubilee Justice

  • Reparations4Slavery

  • Sacred Reckonings

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