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What does ACTS OF REPARATION have to do with you?

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This film is inspired by reparations projects emerging in communities around the country. It is our hope that ACTS OF REPARATION will move those already doing the work of repair to learn about the engagement of others, and motivate those new to the work to get involved.


In making the film, we hope to inspire the following US-based audiences:


  • Black women and girls – to find their voices and tell their stories in ways that bring them joy and power

  • White people – to understand and engage their role in the work to end racism

  • Communities engaged in repair – to identify a variety of models and learn from the struggles and victories of others

  • People of means – to play a role in healing historic harm by moving the resources they control

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Already, we have piloted circles of practice in which small groups interested in the work of healing and repair convene weekly to reflect and act. We continue to explore this strategy of engagement, both for Black women and girls focused on healing, and white people focused on repair.



We aim to partner with organizations focused on issues of race, equity and reparation, along with leading engagement shops, to amplify our impact campaign, including:


  • Active Voice

  • The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture

  • Coming to the Table

  • Facing History & Ourselves

  • Hartley Media Impact Initiative/Auburn Seminary

  • Jubilee Justice

  • The On Being Project

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